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Revolutionizing Dive Resort and Region Promotions & Marketing

The Old Fashioned Way of Marketing and Its Problems.

You represent a good dive region or have a great resort, great service and are situated in an area with spectacular scuba diving, local adventure and culture and then you have potential dive guests all over the world. How do your connect to them?

The traditional way has always been print advertising, which is costly, ongoing, and readers will browse through them and throw them away after a few months. Maybe they will see your resort ad, maybe they won't. If they vaguely remember that ad, if they decide to investigate further months later, if they don't remember your resort name, they will look again in the printed publication for that ad they remember. It is because of that habit that print ads require an ongoing expensive financial commitment.

You can have a resort promo DVD made, which experienced DVD production companies charge an average of $1000 a minute for each produced minute of DVD time, PLUS roundtrip crew airfare, plus all their per diems and expenses. After spending thousands, you get handed a standard resolution DVD and that is it, still no marketing!

You can go the scuba show route. Unless you live locally, this requires you book an expensive roundtrip flight, get soaked by the airlines for booth equipment, leave your business, rent a booth and local hotel, and try to hand out expensive DVD's of your resort to DVD collectors. Or maybe you want to subsidize that government worker and pay for expensive International postage to DVD collectors who send an e-mail? This requires they know your resort name and can find it on the Internet!

Attending and promoting your resort or region at scuba shows requires a costly, repeated investment, and will bring in guests, but at what cost per guest?

You can always use scuba trip booking agents, and some of the better ones can bring in a decent amount of guests, but at a 10-20% commission. If you charge $1000 U.S. dollars or 48,000 Philippine pesos for a week stay for scuba guests, that is $100-$200 USD or 4,800 -9,600 pesos a week in commissions you pay someone else. As an example, using 10 guests a week, times 50 weeks, that is $50,00 to $100,000 USD or 2,400,000-4,800,000 pesos a year you are paying someone else!

Well financed regions and resorts often can and should do all of the above, as it does bring in guests, but at what cost per guest?

Is there a better, far more cost effective way for resorts or government tourism authorities to connect instantly to potential tourists and guests?


Electric Blue Media™ specializes in leveraging new Imaging and Internet technology to bring in guests to your resort and tourism to your region.

We can even design a marketing package for your in-house staffers to keep you at the forefront of the minds of potential dive guests.

The totality of what we do has never been done before by any public relations or marketing company, and at a price you can afford. We put you WAY ahead of your competition in the most ingenious, cost effective manner ever, and we can prove it.

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