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* All images above are HD video screen grabs from our resort promo videos

Captivating Camiguin in HD™

HD Video, Scuba Diving in Camiguin Island, Philippines from Electric Blue Media on Vimeo.

We are in the final planning stages of a new production called Captivating Camiguin in HD™.  Situated in the spectacular Bohol Sea, Camiguin is tiny volcanic island on the Northern tip of Mindanao.

Camiguin Island is a lush tropical paradise dotted with refreshing natural hot and cold springs, spectacular pristine waterfalls, the still active Mt Hibok-Hibok volcano, all surrounded by spectacular World Class dive sites and marine life to be encountered everywhere including pelagics at the mysterious Mantique Island and Burious and Jicdup shoals.

Audiences will be visually tantalized with stunning HD above and below water footage, so check back soon for our show dates.