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* All images above are HD video screen grabs from our resort promo videos

Electric Blue Media™ Equipment

We shoot HD footage with a Sony 3CCD HDR-FX1 HDCam for both above and below water shots. An electronic housing is used with dual HID lights powered by LiPo batteries, along with an external widescreen HD monitor. For macro video, a German made +3.5 and a RedRock Micro +5 achromatic diopter are used along with a short underwater tripod.

We use Mathews professional fluid head videocam tripods for land footage as well as Manfotto carbon fiber tripods.

For interviews, we employ Sennheiser G2 wireless microphones.

Flying videocam shots are done using a 4'-16' Advanta-Jib Lite with full pan capabilities and a panning underslung head is employed, all guided by a remote LANC controller. Shots are framed by an Ikan VX9 9" HD monitor with both overscan, underscan & pixel shifting capabilities.

We also employ professional Hollywood style production equipment such as skater dollies and tripod dolly and track systems.

For Interactive Immersive Imaging, the equipment we use is proprietary.

For our HD multimedia seminar presentations, we use our own widescreen, native full HD 1920x1080p high lumens projector.

For underwater footage, wherever possible a Closed Circuit Rebreather is employed so as to not disturb marine life with bubbles, with Sofnolime 8-12 travel pack Co2 absorbent supplied by Molecular Products.

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