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* All images above are HD video screen grabs from our resort promo videos

Splendid Cebu in HD™

Splendid Cebu in HD™ is Electric Blue Media's ground breaking Cebu, Philippines HD multimedia presentation showing the best nature attractions and diving around the Philippines island of Cebu.

Splendid Cebu in HD™ and our other Philippines speaking presentations are the only widescreen, full digital, full HD produced and full HD projected presentations with cinematic surround sound epic music scores on the U.S. scuba show circuit.

Audiences will see the majestic protected thresher sharks of the famed Monad Shoals, then diving and doing a surface interval at the mystical Kalanggaman Island and, concluding with off-the-scale macro critter footage and an interior island tour of romantic Malapascua island.

In Cebu's midsection, audiences will be treated to a fun, social way of diving, a Mactan Cebu based island hopping dive safari highlighting encounters with roving whale sharks, playful dolphin encounters, then finishing up with a proper Philippines Mother Nature send off sequence of the thousands of giant fruit bats swarming your dive safari boat as they migrate each evening from the outer island feeding grounds back to their nightly roosts.

Then audiences will be treated to Moalboal and Pescador island. See divers taking a fun trek and swim to the cool clean waters of Kawasan Falls, then go diving and experience the stunning macro critters of Moalboal's shoreline. This segment closes off with a magical, almost spiritual film of diving the sardine runs at Moalboal's famed Pescador Island.

Our Splendid Cebu in HD™ multimedia speaking presentation will thoroughly entertain audiences with captivating story telling, lots of good natured humor, spectacular nature eco-sites and incredible huge pelagic marine animal encounters to the tiniest macro critter footage.

Come experience the spectacular sites, the legendary hospitality, warmth and humor of the Philippine people, all set in a magical place "Where Mother Nature Did Some of Her Finest Work- The Philippines!"

As an ongoing presentation on the U.S. scuba show circuit, we have future we have plans to add dive resorts and then new destinations to Splendid Cebu in HD™. If you represent resorts in Cebu or other new Philippines regions, we want to hear from you.